Privacy Policy

Protecting visitor details and information is of the utmost priority. Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) this business controls and / or processes any personal information about you electronically using the following lawful bases.

1. Collecting personal information

This business may collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information:

(a) information that you provide when filling out our enquiry form on our website, including your email address.

(b) information that you provide when using the services on this website, or that is generated in the course of the use of those services, including the timing, frequency and pattern of service use.

(c) information contained in or relating to any communications that you send through the website, including the communication content and meta data associated with the communication.


2. Using your personal information

This business may use your personal information to:

(a) enable your use of the services available on this website.

(b) supply you with services through this website

(c) send you email correspondence and notifications that you have specifically requested.

(d) send you marketing communications relating to this business only. This business will not share your details with any third parties.

(e) deal with enquiries and complaints made by you, relating to this website.


3. Your rights

3.1 You may request this business provide you with any personal information held about you; provision of such information will be subject to:

(a) the payment of a fee, currently fixed at GBP 100; and

(b) the supply of appropriate evidence of your identity. For this purpose, this business will usually accept a photocopy of your passport certified by a solicitor or bank, plus a copy of a utility bill showing your current address.

3.2 You may instruct this business at any time not to process your personal information for my business purposes.

3.3 In practice, you will usually either expressly agree in advance to the use of your personal information for communication purposes, or this business will provide you with an opportunity to opt out of the use of your personal information.


Business details

4.1 This website is owned and operated by Fruitful Flora Ltd.

4.2 The registered business address is: 13, Colestown Street, Battersea, London, SW113EH, UK

4.3 You can contact this business by writing to the address given above or by using the website contact form.


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